Express Noboribetsu Onsen Airport-go fares/timetables

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Departure point/destination
Shinchitose kuko
Noboribetsu Onsen・Ashiyu iriguchi

Reserved seats only

Fare One way ¥1,800 (adult).
Journey time 1 hr(s). 15 min.
*Arrival times may be later than indicated due to weather or road conditions.
Inquiries regarding routes and lost property Noboribetsu Wakayama Sales Office 0143-85-8871
Vehicle equipment ・4 rows of reclining seats・Free Wi-Fi(on some vehicles only)
*Please note that some services may involve vehicles that are not equipped with the above items.
Reservations *Reservations are necessary on services . Booking up to 120 min prior to departure OK!
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*Red bus stops are for boarding only; blue bus stops are for alighting only.
*In cases where services operate on a separate Sat., Sun. & public holiday schedule, times are indicated separately beneath the weekday timetable.

Bus stop name
New Chitose Airport international terminal No.86 13:20 14:10 15:10
New Chitose Airport Domestic terminal No.29 13:22 14:11 15:12
New Chitose Airport Domestic terminal No.2 13:25 14:13 15:15
Upopoy mae 14:58
Kosoku Takeura 14:15 15:18 16:05
Tsutsujibashi 15:35
Noboribetsu Onsen 14:30 15:38 16:20
Noboribetsu Onsen chuo 15:39
Daiichi Takimoto mae 15:41
Park Hotel mae 15:42
Ashiyu iriguchi 15:50
Muroran kanko kyokai mae 15:32 17:22